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Can I claim expenses from my company?

When running a limited company you will find that it's not always possible to pay for purchases directly from the company.  For example, you may need to pay for various items of expenditure using cash or you simply do not have the appropriate method of payment.


Don't worry if you don't pay for everything through the company, you can still claim it back.  Think of it in the same way as a regular job with an employer - you pay for something on behalf of the employer, submit an expense claim and are paid the equivalent amount.  However, your employer will claim for the cost of the expense against their business accounts.

You should treat your own expenses in a similar fashion.  So if they are wholly business related then you can pay for them personally and submit an expense claim to your company for the value (plus anything else that you have incurred).


Once the expense has been declared to the company then it's up to you whether you want to transfer it out of the company account into your personal account, or keep it in the company for a later date.

If you decide to keep the payment within the business it will be treated as a director's loan payment and thus can be transferred out at any time in the future without any problems.

Tax Free

Don't forget that expense payments (assuming they are business related) are totally free from tax, so you can take them out at anytime without it affecting your tax rate.  

However, they can be used by the company to reduce the amount of tax it pays - so it's definitely worth ensuring you declare them each year.

Wage/Dividend Substitute

Expenses are a great way to extract money from the company tax free.  Certain items of expenditure such as mileage or rent (use of home) can be declared as an expense but the actual value may not actually have been paid by you.  

Before paying our dividends from the company, it's always worth looking at what can be claimed back tax free.  

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