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Help with Cater Allen Application

Help Sheet

Section 1

  1. Tick the "Private Limited Company" box.
  2. Indicate what type of account you want to open.  This will normally be at least "£ Sterling".
  3. Tick whether you would like to receive a chequebook, postal paying-in-book and/or debit card.

Section 2

  1. Enter the name you would like to display on your debit card.  You can have two cardholders per account.

Section 3

  1. Enter the full name of the company you (or we) have registered at Companies House.
  2. Enter contact name as yourself.
  3. Your position will be Director in the organisation (assuming you are).
  4. Leave the "name if different box" if you do not have any other trading names.
  5. Enter the nature of the company e.g. management consultancy
  6. Enter a more detailed description of the company's activities....e.g. provide consultancy services to a range of clients/one main client called X.
  7. Enter the main type of business you work for e.g. private limited company's, consumers, government.
  8. Enter the main country your client's are based.
  9. You organisation will usually be based in the UK
  10. Enter the registered office address of the company.  If this is our address then enter Carrwood Park, Selby Road Leeds LS15 4LG
  11. Enter the Principle trading address of the company e.g. this will usually be your office or home address.
  12. Enter a correspondence address if you want post to go to your home address for example.
  13. Enter the company registration number.  You can obtain this from the certificate of incorporation we will have sent you.
  14. Provide a telephone number and other contact details
  15. If you know your S.I.C number enter it.  Leave blank if you do not know it.
  16. Indicate where money will come from into the bank.  Usually this will be Trading.
  17. The source of wealth will usually be through trading.  However, if you are employed, tick other and enter this on the space provided.
  18. Enter the main use of the account.  Usually this will be Current/Trading.
  19. Enter the expected turnover of the business per year.
  20. The anticipated activity should be lower than the turnover other the bank will ask how you will fund the difference.

Section 4 (Personal Details)

  1. If you already bank with Cater Allen, enter your account number in the section provided.
  2. Tick the relevant boxes on whether you are a Director, Company Secretary or Shareholder.
  3. Enter your personal details here including your full name, country of birth, address and country of residence and how long you have lived in the current address.
  4. Enter contact details including telephone number, mobile and email address.
  5. Enter your previous address if you have lived in your current address for less than 3 years.
  6. If you are a director and have more than 25% shareholding then you will need to enter the country of fiscal residence and any country you are a tax contributor.
  7. Tick the Internet banking access if you are not current a customer of Cater Allen.
  8. If there are two directors and you would two debit cards, enter the same information on page 4 for Further Applicant.

Section 5 (Accountant Details)


  1. Cater Allen should already be aware of us but please complete the details as necessary.


Section 6 (Interest)


  1. Please tick the box as the company is eligible for gross interest.  Enter the company number as well.


Section 7 (Date Protection)

Tick any of the boxes to opt out of various marketing products or market research surveys as necessary.


Section 8 (Declaration and Mandate)

  1. Enter the name of the company
  2. Enter the number of signatures the account is required to authorise cheques and tick on only one of the boxes to include any one signature, any two signatures, more than two signatures.
  3. To save hassle supplying us bank statements, Cater Allen can provide them to us free of charge.  Tick the box to allow Cater Allen to send bank statements to us.

Section 9 (Authorised Signatories)


  1. Any authorised signatory on the account must complete and sign the page.


Section 10 (The Financial Services)


Tick the box in section A




Section 11 (Required Documents)


In order for Cater Allen to process the application they must have the following information.


  1. Customer Identification Requirements Sheet with two forms of identification e.g. passport/driving licence and recent utility bill / bank statement.  These must be signed by an official.
  2. You do not need to enclose a cheque due to our arrangment with Cater Allen.


Section 12 (Acceptance)


All directors must complete and sign the application.


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