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Help with Cater Allen Application

Help Sheet

Section 1 - Which account(s) are you applying for?

  1. Tick the "Private Limited Company" box.
  2. Indicate what type of account you want to open by ticking the box.  This will normally be "Reserve Account".
  3. Enter the amount you would like to deposit in the account next to the required currency symbol. This will normally be "£1.00"
  4. Tick whether you would like to receive a Chequebook, Postal deposit Paying-in-Book and/or Visa Debit Card.


Section 2 - Visa Debit Card)

  1. Enter the name you would like to display on your debit card.  You can have two cardholders per account.
  2. Enter the full name of your Limited Company / Organisation name. 


Section 3 - Please tell us your organisation details)

  1. If you have an organisation with an existing Cater Allen account, please enter the account number.  
  2. Enter the full name of the company you (or we) have registered at Companies House.
  3. Enter contact name as yourself.
  4. Your position will be Director in the organisation (assuming you are).
  5. Leave the "name if different box" if you do not have any other trading names.
  6. Enter the nature of the company e.g. management consultancy
  7. Enter a more detailed description of the company's activities....e.g. provide consultancy services to a range of clients/one main client called X.
  8. Enter the main type of business you work for e.g. private limited company's, consumers, government, and including names if you have already discussed a contract.
  9. Enter the main country your client's are based.
  10. You organisation will usually be based in the UK
  11. Enter where you expect payments to be received from, normally where your client or agency are based.
  12. Enter the Date of incorporation of the Limited Company / Organisation.  
  13. Enter the Principle trading address of the company e.g. this will usually be your office or home address.
  14. Enter the Registered office address of the company if it differs from the Principle trading address.  If this is our address then enter Brookfield Court, Selby Road, Garforth, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS25 1NB
  15. Enter a correspondence address if it differs from the Principle trading address, and if you want post to go to your home address for example.
  16. Enter the Business TIN (if registered outside the UK) or the Company Registered number.  You can obtain this from the certificate of incorporation we will have sent you, or from Companies House.
  17. Provide a Telephone number and other contact details
  18. Indicate where money will come from into the bank.  Usually this will be Trading.
  19. The Source of Wealth will usually be through Current/Trading.  However, if you are employed, tick Other and enter this on the space provided.
  20. Enter how many employees the business has. If you are the sole director, this will normally be One.
  21. Enter the value of your annual balance sheet, this will normally the value of funds in the account at the end of the year. 
  22. Enter the expected turnover of the business per year.
  23. The anticipated activity should be lower than the turnover and is normally the difference between the expected turnover and the value of your annual balance sheet.


Section 4 - Your personal details

  1. If you already bank with Cater Allen, enter your account number in the section provided.
  2. Tick the relevant boxes describing what you are. Normally you would tick 'Director, Authorised Signatory and 25%+ Shareholder, unless you know differently.
  3. Enter your percentage of shareholding in your Limited Company / Organisation that you have, normally 100% if you are the sole shareholder.
  4. Enter your personal details here including your tittle, full name(s), date of birth, sex, Nationality, if you have dual nationality and where, current home address, country of residence and how long you have lived in the current address.
  5. Enter contact details including telephone number, mobile and email address.
  6. Enter your previous address if you have lived in your current address for less than 3 years.
  7. In the Mandatory section for completion by key parties, enter your County of birth and Country of Fiscal residence and any country you are a tax contributor.
  8. Please ensure that you tick an option for the Do you share a mailbox question.
  9. If there are two directors and you would two debit cards, enter the same information on page 5 for Further Applicants.


Section 5 - Internet Banking access

  1. Tick the First applicant box and Second applicant (if required), if you are not a current customer of Cater Allen with Cater Allen Internet Banking access.


Section 6 - Details about your introducer

  1. Cater Allen should already be aware of this, and it should be pre-populated.
  2. Please enter your accountants name in the Contact name box or we will auto complete before sending. 


Section 7 - Confirmation of Verification of Identity (CVIC)

  1. Please do not complete this section and leave blank. 


Section 8 - Declaration and Mandate

  1. Enter the name of your Limited Company
  2. Enter the Total number of Authorised signatories to be held on this account, which should correspond to the amount of applicants added and Authorised Signatory boxes ticked in Section 4 Point 2.
  3. Tick on only one of the boxes to include any one signature, any two signatures, more than two signatures and the number required, to authorise any single transaction. This would normally be any one signature.


Section 9 - Data Protection Statement

  1. For the My marketing preferences and related searches please tick the relevant boxes based on your preferences. 


Section 10 - Authorised Signatories on this Account

  1. Any Authorised signatory (added in Section 4 and Section 8) on the account must complete their Full name, Position (eg Director), Sign and Date.


Section 11 - Required Documents

  1. Ignore the Documentation required for Verification of Business Entity section.
  2. Leave the For clients introduced by an FCA and/or PRA authorised and regulated Financial Adviser box blank. 
  3. Tick the If a CVIC is not being provided box.
  4. If the documents are not certified and you have sent a cheque, please tick the or, if the documents are not certified: box.


Section 12 - Acceptance

  1. Enter the Full name and Position for each applicant and Sign and Date  in front of a witness. 
  2. Enter the Full name, Permanent address, postcode and occupation for the witness, and ask them to Sign and Date
  3. Enter the Full name and Position for each 25%+ shareholder and Sign and Date in front of a witness. 


Additional information

  1. If you run out of space in any box, please continue here.  


Once complete:

Please return the form to Clever accounts by emailing support@cleveraccounts.com for review.

If you're sending a cheque please post to: Clever Accounts Limited, Brookfield Court, Selby Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS25 1NB

It normally takes 5-7 working days from receiving the application & cheque, but can be sooner if everything has been provided and no additional information is required.

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