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How to customise the profit and loss structure

You can change how the profit and loss report is displayed on your account.  Currently, the structure shows the default layout as set by us and it shows a typical structure based upon the individual account codes already set up.  However, the structure can be changed to allow you to customise the layout so that it becomes more relevant for your own business.


Similar to adding a nominal code, you must first opt-in to custom the layout by clicking on here.


Once clicked, you will be given full control over adding, editing or deleting the format of the profit and loss account.  Please note that any changes you make will impact on how the profit and loss account will be shown on the reports.

Re-allocate an account code to a grouping

Click on the profit and loss grouping you would like to add an account code to.


A pop up screen will appear.  On the left side all account codes that are currently allocated to the grouping will be shown.  On the right shows all account codes that are either not allocated to any code or allocated to another code.



To allocate a new account code, click on the checkbox from the list on the left hand side.  If the code is already allocated to another code, it will be unallocated and allocated to the code you are editing.

To delete a code from the current group, select the code and press update.  This will cause the account code to be deselected and will not show up on any reports until you allocate it to another code.

Add or edit profit and loss groups

You may need to add, edit or remove the actual groups within the profit and loss account.  

To add a group, enter the details in the first blank row underneath the section you would like the group to be displayed e.g. Sales, Cost of Sales, Direct Expenses or Expenses.


Once you have entered the details, click on update profit and loss groups.

To edit a group, change the text on the grouping that you would like to change and press update profit and loss groups.

To remove a group, remove all the text from the group you would like to remove and press update profit and loss groups.  Note, when you remove a group all account codes will be left unallocated and will not show up on future profit and loss reports.

Change the order or category that the groups appear in by moving them up and down the list using the up and down buttons

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