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Updating invoice settings

The invoice settings page provides various preferences and settings in order to automate and add in various information to your sales and supplier invoices.

Payment terms

If you want to add company wide defaults to your invoices, add in the number of days, weeks or months that invoices are generally due by.  The due date will be calculated from the date of the invoice.

Also, note that in the customer and supplier account, additional terms can be assigned to individual contacts.  

There is also the option to override the terms on the actual sales and purchase invoice as well.

Invoice number & Prefix

You can add in an invoice prefix to all your invoices.  This could be your company name, abbreviated name or any other reference that should be added before your invoice number.  This field is optional.

The starting at field will default to 0 on all new accounts.  This means that the first invoice you produce will always be "1".

However, if you have transferred from a different invoicing system or have been creating invoices manually you may have a higher number.

Enter the starting number that you want the system to use for your next invoice.

Terms and information

Add any information you like in the large open text field.  All details entered will be shown on the invoice.  

Typical information you may want to show is payment terms, payment details or any other information you wish to provide.

Invoice Logo

There are three options to allow you to add your logo or other image to the sales invoice.

Upload logo:  you can upload a logo for your company.  Images will be resized to fit the invoice however.

URL:  if you would rather add in a URL address of where your logo is located, enter the URL here.

Text:  If you do not have a logo and prefer to show your name as text, enter text you would like to show on the invoice.

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