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Viewing the bank transaction that you have entered

The bank account transactions list displays all payments and receipts that have been entered into the selected bank account.

The list shows various information that will help you determine what the payment or receipt is.  From this listing you can click on any transaction and view additional information.

The first column denotes whether the transactions has been reconciled or not.

rec.jpg Transaction has been reconciled via the bank import.

 Transaction has been manually reconciled.

norec.jpg Transaction has not been reconciled.

Bank reconciliation is automatic if the transactions have been imported into the system.

As this page shows a constant running balance of the bank account, the list cannot be sorted or filtered as desired.  The most recent bank transaction will appear at the top or the page.

Transactions can be deleted anytime if they have not been reconciled, VAT declared on it or the year end has not been run.

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