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Company Details

Ensuring your contact details are correct within Clever Accounts is important to keep your accountant up to date on any changes. It is also important as some information held will be used to populate invoices and other paperwork generated.

When you first login and navigate to this page you'll notice that we have added all details that we currently hold for your business.

If you have any further information, please enter it.

Editing your details

To add or update your details simply click in the box and write in the information.

The majority of the contact details section are self explanatory in terms of what information to add into the fields.

There are a couple of areas within the page that affects other areas within the system.

Email address


The email address field in the page is used as a from address when sending out sales invoices via email.  This is the address that customers will see the email has been sent from.  

Invoice address

There are two address fields on the page - registered and trading address

Trading address - the address is used at the bottom of the invoice that is created.

Invoice address - the address used on the top of the sales invoice.

If the two address are the same, tick the same as registered office on the invoice address section

Financial settings

We will normally add this date in and thus it is not necessary or advisable to change this without further assistance by us.  However, the year end date will affect many areas of the system such as tax calculations and financial reporting.



I need help with ...


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