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Projects overview

Projects are large or ongoing pieces of work that you undertake for one particular customer.  A typical project could be website development where you may invoice the customer multiple times and have costs, such as sub contract labour, against the income.

Total sales and costs

When you're working on a project for a particular customer, you'll incur costs as well as charge the customer for your time or products.  These costs might be travel, sub contract labour or other costs such as 3rd party software and services.

As well as tracking income for a project, you can also track costs that are incurred against the project.  Subsequently, you are able to gain an understanding of the profitability of the project you have undertaken.

Furthermore, any costs that are incurred on behalf of the customer, or those that you can re-charge, can easily be added to your next invoice to them.

Setting up a new project

Allocate the project to a contact and give it a name.


You are also able to enter a start and end date of the project plus an estimated total value of the project  The system will then calculate percentage completion based upon what has been invoiced and what is left to invoice.

Project Overview

The project overview (accessed by clicking on the project name) provides project details that can be edited plus a financial overview of the project e.g. invoiced out, expenses incurred and profit made.

Project Functions

  • You can edit the project details such as name, dates and budgets whenever you like.
  • You can only delete a project if there are no invoices (sales or expenses) allocated to the project already.
  • A list of all projects that a contact has can be seen from the respective contact summary page.

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