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Adding a customer or supplier contact

From any customer or supplier page, click Create my first account to create a new contact.


Contact details

  • Account reference and account name are mandatory to add in a contact.
  • Contact name is an individual that you may have as a point of contact.
  • Email is the business email address but may not necessarily be the email address to send invoices.
  • To create and send invoices to customers it is advisable to enter address and other contact details.
  • There is a invoice address field.  You can copy this from the main address field opposite or enter a new address.
  • Invoice email is the email address you would like invoices sent to if emailed.  You can add multiple emails, separated by a comma, to send the invoice to multiple individuals.
  • Salutation is used on the email template to say hello to them at the start - this could be the business name or individual.

Further contacts are entered by clicking New Sales Invoice and Add New Contact

Other settings

  • Enter a VAT number for the contact.  Relevant if you are selling to overseas customers within the EU.
  • Account type can be either a customer or supplier - it can also be both.
  • On hold would be used usually when editing an account to specify the account is currently on hold - usually due to not paying an invoice.  


  • You can set a credit limit for the contact.
  • Enter a normal due days to automatically update when adding a new invoice into the system.
  • You can assign default account codes and vat rates to the account.  When adding in an invoice, these fields will automatically be pre-populated with the allocations here.


Default account code:  this code is the income or expenditure code relating to the chart of accounts within the business.  If you are setting up a customer you will probably want to assign to a sales code.  If you are setting up a supplier then you can assign the account to the relevant account code which best fits the expenditure incurred.  You can easily override these settings when adding in an invoice however.

Click on add account to save the record.  Alternatively, click on cancel to return to the previous page and not save the record.


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