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Paying off multiple invoices

To pay off an invoice you can click on the relevant invoice and enter the payment details before clicking on update.  This will pay off singular invoices.

However, you may well need to pay off multiple invoices at the same time, or you may have received a payment against more than one of your own sales invoices.  If you paid off each individual invoice you would create separate payments within the bank, which although would work, it would be better to mirror what the bank lists by having one payment against various invoice.

Paying off multiple invoices

Click on pay multiple invoices from the account or ledger pages.



All outstanding invoices that are either part paid or not paid at all are listed to pay off.

Enter the payment details first

Date is the date of the payment made to you or from you.  Use the actual date paid rather than the date it shows on the bank if possible (especially if the payment is a cheque).

Amount paid is the total amount the payment was for.

Type of payment is not mandatory.  Examples would be BACS, cash or cheque

Ref No:  if you wanted to add in a paying in number to the bank.

Bank Account Used select where the payment was sent from or too.

Once the payment details are entered you can start ticking the invoices the payment relates to.  You can mark them all as paid, clear all payments and view what still is left to allocate from the payment.


On each invoice you can opt to make a full payment or part payment


A part payment invoice will mean the item will remain on the list with a reduced outstanding balance.

Once the to allocate balance becomes 0, click to make this payment.

Under paid invoices

Sometimes the payment has been underpaid against the invoice(s).  For any underpayment you will need to enter the balancing payment against an invoice.  That invoice will remain outstanding and will be shown on the list for the next payment.


Similarly, you may receive an overpayment where a payment exceeds the total amount of invoices on the system.  Once you have allocated the payment against all the available invoices, click on make this payment and this will process the overpayment.

You can allocate payments on account to any future outstanding invoice that is listed on this page.  Details of the payment on account are shown and you enter the amount that you need to allocate to an invoice.


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