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Emailing Invoices

Emailing sales invoices to your customers is a quick and convenient way of getting paid faster compared to posting them out.

To set up emailing ensure you have completed the following:

Set up email address reply-to

You can set up your own reply-to email address that your customers will see when they are sent your invoice.

Account settings > company details



Enter the relevant email address where indicated.

Invoice Setting

You will want to set up how your invoice pdf is created and what information is displayed on the invoice.

Account settings > invoice settings

If not already done so, enter your invoice presets for the invoice prefix and starting at number.

Enter the terms & information.  This information will be displayed on the PDF invoice and can be used to include details such as terms and payment options.

Upload your logo that will be shown on the invoice.  The higher the resolution the sharper the image will be on the invoice.  Use a maximum resolution of 570px X 160px.

If you do not have a logo, enter any text on the subsequent field.



Ensure your customer contact information is up to date

Contacts > customers > customer name

The following information wil be used for the invoice and email

Account Name - the customer name

Contact Name - the name of the contact

Invoice Address - the address of the customer - click on copy from address to use the customers primary address.

Invoice email - you can add multiple emails addresses separate by a comma.  When emailing, the invoice will automatically be emailed to all email addresses.

Salutation - use this as the name that will be used on the email template e.g. Hi XXX, here is your invoice....

Once all the above settings are completed you are ready to start sending invoices/

Emailing when you add an invoice

The quickest way to send an invoice is while you are creating the invoice.

When you are entering an invoice, click on the approve and email button.



Check the contact email addresses that are listed.  You can add or remove any of the email addresses listed.  Multiple emails can be added separated by a comma.

The email template will provide you with a predetermined email template to send out.  Click on the desired template to load the template into the email.  Alternatively, you can enter your own email subject and body.

Press send to add the invoice and email to the customer.

Emailing from the ledger

You can email invoices from the account invoice list.  Next to each invoice is an email icon that shows if it has been emailed to the customer or not.

notemailed.jpg - this invoice has not yet been emailed.  Click on the icon to load the email send popup.

yesemail.jpg - this invoice has been emailed.  You can email again to the customer by clicking on the email icon.

Editing an invoice

FInally, you can email an invoice by clicking on the invoice and loading the invoice details.  Click on the email button. 




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