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Contact view details

Each contact (customer or supplier) has a summary page showing their full details including address, account defaults and invoice details.  From this screen you can edit the details you have about your contact and view a complete transaction view of the contact.


Contact details

On the left side of the summary are the relevant account details for the contact.  Details will only be shown if there is an entry in the relevant field.  So, for example, if you do not have a telephone number stored for the contact, the full telephone row will disappear.  This will help streamline the summary and will allow you to view information quickly without seeing lots of white space.


The financials section shows account status for the contact such as credit limit, on hold status and normal due dates for invoices.  These details can be edited from the edit contact page.

It will also shows the current status of due and over due invoices related to the contact.

Account defaults

Will shows which account code and  vat rate the contact is set up to use.

Editing Contact

To edit the details of a contact, click on edit

When editing the contact a page similar to adding a contact is visible with the details pre-populated.

You can edit any information on this page.  Click on update account details to save the information.

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