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When to make transfers between bank accounts

There are a various times you may need to transfer money between accounts depending on the type of accounts you have on the bank account section.

Transfer of money

The typical transfer is where you have transferred money from say, a current account to the savings account, or vice versa.

Payment to credit card

If you have added a charge or credit card to the bank account section you will need to make a payment to pay off the balance from the current account.

Director's loan payment

If you have a director's loan account set up as a bank account you need to transfer monies into or out of the loan account depending on whether you are putting money in or taking money out.

Paypal or other payment systems

You may have set up these as banks,  When the money is transferred from these payments systems to the current account you should make a transfer of money within the system.

Make a transfer

Click on the bank accounts and make transfer.

Enter the date, reference and amount.  Enter the account you wish to transfer the money from.  Enter the bank account you wish to transfer the money to.

Click on save to finish.


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