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The New Clever Accounts System - release notes

On a recent update (w/c 10/06/2013) we made quite a few changes to the Clever Accounts system.  A variety of pages have changed, together with the interface and increased functionality.

Below is a summary of what has changed and where you can get help to the various new parts.

New Navigation

Although it's always difficult to change the navigation within a system - especially when clients are used to a particular layout - we did appreciate that for new clients, the navigational menu could be confusing especially with so many options to choose from.  This is why we have changed the format and amalgamated similar items together.  The result is a reduction in the available drop down options on each tab.



Settings - there are two options when you hover over with the mouse.  You can go straight to your business details or view the details of the account codes.  Clicking on settings will display the full list of available settings you can change.

Update your invoice settings

Manage your business details

Managing the account codes

Contact - this is a new menu.  You can choose to view customers, suppliers or internal staff or directors.  Clicking on an account will display the account details and further functionality such as add or view invoices, pay multiple invoices or create a new account.  You can also update the accounts details by clicking on edit.

Contacts listing

Adding a new contact

Contact over view


Sales Invoicing

We have completely overhauled the sales and purchase invoicing sections.  The interface is now similar in looks and function to the bank input screens (money in / out).

You can now email invoices to customers via the brand new interface.  Some new features when entering invoices are:

Contact field - this is the old customer or supplier field.  This field is a dropdown menu actioned by an input into the field.

view all contacts - click on the space bar to view all contacts depending on whether you are entering a sales or purchase invoice.

search by name - start typing part of the customer or supplier and the filtered results will appear.


Account / Nominal Code - this field is a dropdown menu actioned by an input into the field

view all account codes -  click on the space bar to view all available codes and select one by using the up/down arrows or the mouse

search by name or code -  start typing part if the name of the code or the code number itself to bring up the filtered results,

Items - items are regular invoice line entries that you use regularly e.g. the same service you provide to the same customer each month.

add item -  key in the full line details and click on Add this as a reusable item.  You will then be presented with an additional field to enter the name of the item.

use item -  similar to the contact and account code, use the dropdown to search for an item by hitting the space bar or typing any part of the item name

Re-chargeable expenses - if you can re-charge your expenses to your customers click on chargeable expense when adding in a new supplier invoice or expense claim


When you next add a sales invoice to the specified customer you can then re-charge any expenses you have opted to re-charge,


Banking - click on the navigation option to load the bank account summary.  You now need to interact with the specific bank account to add a new invoice, payment or reconcile the account.


Bank transactions listing

Adding bank transactions manually

Work - is a new area where you manage your sales and selling aspects of your business.  Set up and manage projects or create and manage your  sales invoicing.  Clicking on sales invoicing will take you to the sales section.  It will initially show a full summary of the business including outstanding and over due invoices.  You can filter to a specific customer by clicking on the account name against each invoice.

You can get to this section from the customer section under contacts as well.

Adding a sales invoice

How to email invoices

Purchases - similar to the work section, visit here to add trade expenses that are incurred by the business.  You can allocate to a general supplier account or create new supplier accounts to filter invoices to a specific supplier.

Below the purchases section is the expense claims section where you can add expenses that are paid by you personally but are on behalf of the business.  This section tracks how much the business owes you in reimbursed expenses.

Taxes - this has remained unchanged and VAT and tax reports can be generated and reviewed.

Calculating your VAT return

Adjustments - this has remained largely unchanged and is more for the accountants to make accounting adjustments within the business.



Help Button 

On many of the pages are contextual help relating to the bit of the software you are working on.  Click on the help pop up to bring up various help guides you can view more information on.


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