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Adding business miles travelled

If you have travelled in your own car, van, motorbike or bike for business, you can claim an element as business mileage.  Using the mileage logger, you only need to enter the number of miles you have travelled.  The system will then calculate how much you can claim based upon the options you choose and (more importantly) how much you have already claimed during the tax year.  Therefore, you do not need to keep a log of your journey elsewhere nor what rates you have travelled as the software will calculate the appropriate amounts available.

From the purchases menu, select Mileage Claims and click on Add Mileage


Adding Mileage



Add Employee - select the person from the drop down menu by either typing the name of the person, pressing the space bar, or clicking on the drop down arrow to the right of the field.

If the person does not exist, click on add new and enter the details of the person e.g. first name and last name and press save.


The person will be automatically selected in the field.

You can add individual journey details separately on a new line for a period of time or for a specific journey.  Thus, you could add mileage incurred over a full month and even split the journeys so that there is a full record of all miles travelled on everyday.

Date enter the date the mileage was incurred.

Mileage details describe the journey undertaken e.g. from start to destination, the reason for the journey etc.

Mileage enter the total mileage of the journey.

Vehicle choose the appropriate mode of transport.  Ensure this is accurate as different forms of transport have different mileage claim rates.

Passenger if you have travelled with a passenger, tick the box and this will add 5p to the claim per mile.

Approved will be selected by default.


If you want to add additional journeys to the mileage claim, click on add mileage which will create a new line for you to add similar information.  You can add unlimited individual journeys into one claim.

Once you have enter all mileage details, click on save.

Claiming mileage

To make a claim for mileage and convert the number of miles into an amount, see how to make a claim here

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