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Claiming business miles and creating an expense claim

Once you have entered your business mileage into the system, you can claim them at any time you wish.  

When making a claim, the software will calculate what mode of transport you used, the number of miles travelled, which person travelled and how much has already been claimed during the tax year by that person.  It will then create an expense claim automatically in the expense ledger.

By claiming mileage in this way, you ensure you only claim for the correct amount of mileage you are due and do not exceed the HMRC recognised tax free mileage rates.

Unclaimed mileage

Clicking on the ready to claim tab will show all outstanding mileage claims that need to be processed by the software in order to create an expense claim for you to claim.

You can select one, multiple or all outstanding claims using the check boxes next to each individual line.  Once you are ready to claim the mileage, click on Claim Mileage to create the expense claim.

All successfully claimed mileage will appear within the expenses ledger (Purchases > Expenses). 



Making a payment for mileage expenses

If you have paid yourself or employee the mileage, you need to record the payment against the relevant expense mileage claim.

Click on Purchases > Expense Claims and click on the mileage claim you have paid.


Enter the payments details underneath the expense claim

Date paid is the date the payment was made from the bank account.

Amount paid can the a part or full amount of the claim.

Type can be selected and refers to the actual type of payment.  This field is optional.

Ref No can refer to the actual cheque number of the payment.

Bank account used refers to the actual bank, cash or credit card account that you made the payment from.  If you have set up a directors loan account in the banking section you could allocate the payment here also.

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