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Removing an entry already explained in the import

As mistake's are easily done, you can correct uploaded entries that you have explained incorrectly.

If you are explaining entries on the matching screen or later realise that you have explained an entries incorrectly e.g. you should have made the entry a bank transfer rather than a bank payment, you can easily remove the transaction from the bank ledger and make the entry unexplained again without having to delete and re-enter the entry manually.

"Remove and Redo" when matching
If you realise that you have explained an entry incorrectly, you should click on Remove & Redo.

Clicking on the function will remove the bank transaction that was created e.g. the bank payment, transfer etc and reset the uploaded transaction.  This will allow you to explain the entry again.

Remove and Redo the transaction at a later date
Sometimes you may not realise you have explained the entry incorrectly until a later date.  In that case you will need to find the entry on the statements you have already imported.

Go to banking > Import bank statements you will then see a list of the bank accounts that you have uploaded bank statements to.


Click on Manage Imports against the bank account the incorrect entry has been uploaded to.

From the list of all uploaded files, click continue the relevant import file

From the list of entries that have been added, click on remove & redo next to the entry that you need correcting.


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