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Matching a statement entry to a manual payment or receipt already entered

There are times when you may have entered a bank payment or receipt into Clever Accounts already. When you upload your statement, the entry will also be listed. To avoid duplicating the transaction, you will need to match the two together.

In these circumstance, you will have already entered a manual transaction to the bank account via the following methods

  • Add a manual bank transaction
  • Making a manual transfer
  • Allocating a payment to a supplier or customer

If you have already add in any of these transaction into Clever Accounts then you should not create a new transaction but match against the one already created/

To create a match, click on Match Entry from the drop down list on the entry you want to match.

A new popup screen will load showing all available matches where the transaction has not been reconciled already.

The best available match for the entry will be highlighted by Clever Accounts.

If you agree to the match, click on the check box next to the transaction and press Reconcile Transactions.

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