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Adding a sales or purchase invoice against a statement entry

When you upload a statement there will be times when you realise you have not added in a sales or purchase invoice initially into Clever Accounts against a customer or supplier account.

In these cases, you have the option of simply creating a bank payment or receipt from the statement entry. However, if you prefer to add details of the original paperwork sent or received, you can create an invoice from this page and allocate the payment against it.

From the statement matching page, click Add invoice. This will work for either a sales or supplier invoice.

A new pop up screen will load showing the normal add sales invoice page if the entry is a credit or the add purchase page if the entry is a debit.

If a sales invoice needs to be added

Much of the information will be already pre-populated either from the statement entry or from default invoice settings parameters.

You will need to allocate a customer against the invoice.

You will also need to allocate the sales invoice a nominal code so that the reports in the accounts are correct.

Don't forget the VAT!

All nominal codes are assigned a default VAT rate. When you allocate the invoice a nominal code the VAT rate will change accordingly.

If the VAT rate changes to a vatable rate, the amount fields are automatically updated. This will update to the the amount before VAT in the price field and the appropriate >b>VAT amount in the VAT fields. This will ensure the total amount remains the amount on the statement upload.

You can also split the invoice, add in chargeable expenses and create a re-usable invoice item as per normal. See the sales invoicing help guide for all these advanced features.

If a purchase invoice needs to be added

The exact same method is used to add purchase invoices into Clever Accounts. The page is the same page used to add purchase invoices so there are a couple of changes over the sales invoicing page however.

Add a bank payment or receipt against the created invoice

Near the bottom of the invoicing page is the Enter a payment section as standard on these pages.

The payment details will already be pre-populated with the details from the statement upload. This means you do not need to add any further details to allocate a payment against the invoice.

Assuming you are happy with the invoice and payment details, click on Approve to add the invoice to Clever Accounts and approve the statement entry.

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