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Splitting a bank transaction between two or more categories

There will be times when an imported entry will need to be split between two or more types of nominal codes.

Entries are not always neatly allocated to one income or cost code. In some cases you may want to split the transaction between multiple codes so that your report is more accurate.

For example, you have paid an invoice for marketing but you want to split the cost between advertising and pr.

From the dropdown menu next to the transaction, click on add payment or add receipt depending on the type of transaction it it.

The transaction details should already be pre-populated in the fields as it would normally be when explaining this type of transaction.

Separate the amount and don't forget the VAT

Each individual split is represented by the orange section on the transaction to be added.

On the first split section (split 1), enter the first nominal code you need to allocate.

Next, you will need to overwrite the net amount with the correct amount you wish to allocate to this code.

You will need to account for VAT if this part of the split is vatable. Thus, enter the amount excluding VAT and ensure the VAT rate dropdown has the appropriate VAT rate selected.

Don't forget that you need to ensure that the net amount of both splits and the VAT amount totals the imported statement entry from the bank.

Next, you need to add the other split to allocate the remaining amount to the other desired nominal code.

Click on add new line

A new row (2) will be added underneath the first split. Continue to allocate a nominal code to the second split as required.

Like on the first split, make sure the VAT rate is correct

Remember that the overall total of the splits need to total the total amount on the statement entry.

You can carry on adding as many splits as you like to the transaction.Once you are happy that the splits are correct and the total amount matches the statement entry, the transaction can be created by click on Add this transaction

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