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Matching a supplier payment against an outstanding purchase invoice

If you have already added an invoice against a supplier you need to allocate the statement entry to the outstanding invoice within Clever Accounts

Find the supplier payment on the statement upload and click on supplier.

A new pop up window will appear asking you to select the supplier name that has paid.

From the drop down menu, choose the supplier that the payment relates to. All outstanding invoices for that supplier will be displayed.

Match entry against one outstanding invoice

From the list of outstanding invoices displayed, click on pay in full to allocate the entry against the invoice.

Click on Make this payment to create the payment against the invoice. The invoice status will change to paid.

Match an entry as a part payment against an invoice

If the payment made does not cover the full amount of the invoice a part payment can be made.

Under the amount column, enter the total amount paid from the statement entry figure.


Click on Make this payment to create a payment against the invoice. The remainder of the invoice will remain unpaid on Clever Accounts.

Match entry against multiple invoices from a customer

There will be times when you pay off multiple invoices using one payment.

Using a combination of full payment and part payment techniques as above, you can allocate a payment against multiple invoices until the statement entry has been fully used up.

Once the To allocate balance shows 0.00 then you can click on Make this payment to create the payment against all invoices you have allocate a payment against.

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