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Upload bank transactions

Here's how to upload all your bank transactions accurately in Clever Accounts ensuring you do not miss anything going into or out of the bank account.

Uploading bank statements directly from online banking is the easiest way to update your accounts system.

Firstly, you will need to download the appropriate transaction listing from your bank's online banking facility.  The format needs to be in CSV (comma delimited).

Please refer to your bank if you have any problems downloading statements in CSV format.

Make sure you specify the correct dates for the export.  However, don't worry if you include transactions already imported as Clever Accounts will check if there are duplicate transactions to be imported and will ignore these as standard.

Import a statement

Select banking and then from the main drop down Import Bank Statements

Alternatively, you can click  the dropdown menu against the bank account.

You will then need to upload the file you downloaded from the online banking website.  Click on Choose file,  and navigate to the folder you saved the file to and click ok to select it.

You will also be given the option to select which bank the CSV export came from.  Clever Accounts has been pre-programmed to recognise certain CSV formats already so you do not need to match the columns.

Click on the drop down and choose a bank.  If your bank is not listed, or you want to match the columns manually leave this field blank.

The point of selecting a bank will mean Clever Accounts will automatically match the columns from the CSV file to the table columns it needs to use to import the transactions.  

Matching the CSV columns

You need to match the CSV file columns to the columns Clever Accounts will use to import into the database.  For example, ensure the date column on the CSV file is mapped to the date column on the software.

You also need to select which bank account the import is too be imported into also.


If you pre-selected the bank account used in the previous step, the matches will already have been completed by the software and all you will need to do is verify they are correct.


If you need to make any changes, click on the drop down menu and select the appropriate column that represents the correct map to the CSV file column.

Once you are happy with the match, click on verify and complete import or go back a step to start over again.

Once the statement has been uploaded

Once you have uploaded the transactions, you will need to complete the final step and explain all imported transactions so that Clever Accounts know what to do with them in the accounts.

Explaining transactions simply means allocating an account code to the imported transactions and making sure the VAT rate is correctly assigned.

Once this procedure is complete the process is done.

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