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How to check available dividends?

Ensuring you know what you can take in dividends is important to keep you within the limit. Paying too many dividends is not a good idea and is actually illegal.

As long you are inputting your income, company purchases and expenses into the accounts system, Clever Accounts will calculate the maximum amount of dividend you can legally withdraw.

Checking the amount

You can navigate to the financial summary any time by clicking the Clever Accounts logo on the top left of the page.

The financial summary page provides a financial overview of the business at the current date based upon the figures entered into the system.

On the top of the page are the main summary calculations with the figure on the right hand side showing the dividend calculation.

The figure shows the current calculation based upon the numbers entered already into Clever Accounts.

If the number is a positive you can take some or all of the amount as dividends.

If the number is negative you have taken too many dividends out.

Click on how is this calculated to show a breakdown of how the figure has been calculated.

Keeping the available dividends positive will ensure you take out your legally entitled amount.

What happens if I take out too many?

You are not legally allowed to take out more than what is available each year. Taking out too many dividends will cause the company (and you) to have additional tax penalties.

If you find the figure is a minus, there are certain things you can do to ensure you put this back to positive.

  • Do not take out any more dividends until you invoice out sufficient monies to cover the short fall. Remember that as taxes and expenditure are offset against the calculation, you will normally need to invoice more than the negative figure to get this back.
  • Return monies back to the company. Any money re-paid back to the company should be entered as bank receipt and coded to the dividend code.
  • Check to ensure you do not have any unpaid expenses, mileage or even wages that can be paid instead of making a dividend payment.

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