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Bank feed integration with HSBC, RBS and Natwest

Clever Accounts now allows you to connect and transfer statements directly from HSBC, RBS and Natwest via our trusted partner BankStream.

Please note there is an additional charge of £5.00+vat per bank account to use this service. Bookkeeping Lite and Bookkeeping Complete clients can use these services at no extra cost.

How to set up Bank Feed with Clever Accounts:

**Please note that using bank feed will not in anyway allow us or any third party ability to carry out any banking function on your account, except to securely view and download the transactions.**

Step 1

In order to set up the service you will first need to first check whether the bank account is set up correctly and that you have a qualifying account.  Clever Accounts will check the sort code and account number and will confirm whether a bank feed is available.

In Clever Accounts, navigate to Banking and then against the bank you wish to activate click on More Actions and then Bank Feed


Assuming a bank feed is available you will next need to view and accept the terms.  Please ensure you read the terms before you click on Accept Terms and Conditions.


Once accepted, you will then be able to download the appropriate bank authority form for the bank account you currently hold.

Please be aware that all forms need to be printed out and signed (wet signature).  We cannot accept an electronic signature.  Instructions on how to complete the forms are included in the PDF attachment.

Once completed, print all forms enclosed and sign where appropriate.  Please send the forms back to us to process:

Clever Accounts Ltd, Carrwood Park, Selby Road LS15 4LG

Step 2

BankStream will process the authorisation and if there are no further problems will usually activate the service within 10 working days.  

In the meantime, please ensure you carry on processing your accounts and uploading your statements in order to ensure there are no gaps.

Once the feed is activated, Clever Accounts will start downloading the transactions automatically to your account.

How often does Clever Accounts collect transactions

We collect data from BankStream every weekday morning at 9.00am.  Please note that HSBC users will find their data is one day old due to how HSBC releases data.

How do I pay for Bank Feed

All clients must pay for Bank Feed by direct debit.  For those clients that do not currently pay by direct debit we must receive a completed and signed direct debit mandate in order to process the application.

A mandate is included in the PDF download.

Further information about BankStream can be found here

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