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Applying rules to statement entries

When you import a statement into Clever Accounts, rules are automatically assigned to an entry based upon the criteria you set up.

Creating rules to run for future transactions are a great way of quickly allocating nominal codes and VAT rates to bank receipts and payments. Furthermore, they can be used to add sales and purchase invoices and bank transfers also

When creating a rule you determine what type of transaction you wish to create based upon criteria you pre-define.

When you import a new batch of statement entries, Clever Accounts will check against the entries for any rules that it needs to create.

Any entry that has a rule applied will have a green icon with accept next to it.

You can choose to ignore the rule if you wish. Simply, use the action menu to create a new transaction to override the rule.

If you wish to accept the rule, or make minor changes, click on accept

Clicking on accept will load the transaction with the account name, nominal code and VAT rate (where appropriate) already pre-populated.

If you wish to make changes to any of the pre-populated fields do so by overriding the contents.

If you wish to accept the pre-defined contents, click on approve/create transaction/make transfer where appropriate.

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