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Tools for Clever Accounts

The Clever Accounts portal has a number of tools and features that hopefully, will add to your experience of using Clever Accounts and ensuring your accounts are completed quicker and more accurately.


Automatic bank feeds

Users that bank with Cater Allen, can set up an automatic bank feed that will pull bank transactions into Clever Accounts each day.  


Dividend vouchers

Dividends vouchers are automatically generated for any dividend you have paid to yourself, or any other shareholder during the tax year.  The dividend voucher can be downloaded via pdf or emailed to the shareholder.


Flat rate VAT calculations

Clever Accounts allows flat rate VAT calculations so that you can exactly see your VAT liabilities based upon the % you enter and the discount you receive.


More user friendly help

As a new user to Clever Accounts, it was sometimes slightly confusing to know what you needed to do on each page.  We've improved our page views when there is no data to show to give you helpful tips on why you should use the function.


Other useful features

  1. You can delete bank rules that you have set up, and unlink them from transactions awaiting to be matched.
  2. We have removed the drop down menu on the bank import/match screen to make it easier/quicker to select the required action.
  3. You can find the additional services section, in the settings menu, to allow you to sign up for services we provide.
  4. There is the added ability to pay off multiple expense claims in one lump sum.  You can pay off expenses from the bank import screen also.


Fixed stuff

  1. On the bank import, fixed when selecting a customer payment and the unmatched amount shows as a negative.
  2. Fixed on creating a rule that makes it mandatory to select the action.  This was causing a few issues.
  3. Matching to a transfer on the bank import page wasn't updating the number of transactions to match.
  4. If importing and manually reconciling we've updated bits of the system showing the number of unreconciled items.
  5. Fixed a date issue when entering an expense amount to mileage nominal code.
  6. Issue with the VAT on adding an invoice to an imported bank entry


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