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Allocating categories from ReceiptScan expenses

In order to finalise the transaction you must allocate the expense a nominal code category e.g. travel or subsistence etc.

When the receipt is processed, the Date, Supplier Name, Amount and VAT split will be taken from the receipt automatically.  However, in order to correctly add the expense you need to enter a nominal code as well.

Allocate a nominal code

You will be notified via the Clever Accounts App once a receipt has been processed and awaiting further action. 

  • Login to the Clever Accounts portal
  • Navigate to My Money > Expense Claims > ReceiptScan
  • All processed receipts awaiting final approval will be listed here.

Date: This will be the date that the expense was processed on the Clever Accounts App

Contact: The contact that was allocated when sending the receipt on the app

View:  Click to view an image of the receipt in a popup window

Reference:  The name of the supplier that was taken from the receipt.

Nominal Code:  The nominal code uses the same dropdown menu used in other areas of the software.

To add a nominal code, you can do the following:

  • Start typing the name of the nominal code needed e.g. "Travel" would bring up the '7000:  Travel' code.  "Subs...." would bring up '7002:  Subsistence' code etc
  • Type out the code number e.g. "7000" would be Travel
  • Hit the Space bar to bring up a list of all codes to scroll through

Once the relevant code is visible, hit enter or select the code with the mouse.

Follow the same procedure for all other receipts that are listed on this page to allocate a nominal code accordingly.

Further information about the expense

If you need further information, click on the relevant expense to view more details.

Ready to approve

Once you are ready to approve the expenses, click on the checkbox at the top (to select all expenses) or individually and click on Update and Approve Selected

VAT Considerations

If you are currently not VAT registered, or on either of the flat rate schemes (e.g. cash or standard) then the expense will be added without VAT split out.  This means the full amount of the expense will be charged to the appropriate nominal code.

Remember, on the flat rate VAT scheme you do not claim VAT on expenses (unless capital and over £2,000)

If you are VAT registered and on the standard or cash accounting scheme you will see the VAT dropdown also

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